WarCross by Marie Lu


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“Every locked door has a key. Every problem has a solution.”

I love Marie Lu she is the author of the Legend Trilogy and the Young Elites Trilogy, I have loved all of her books, I have yet to read The Rose Society and The Midnight Star. She is an author who really dose something different with each of her series. The Legend Trilogy is dystiopian and The Young Elites is a dark fantasy.  Warcross is a science fiction. She is one of my favorite authors and I will read anything she writes.The way she writes endings, are the kind that leave you shocked and wanting more.This book was just a really fun sci-fi book!It is really worth all the hype. I was really investing in the plot and the characters. I had to keep reading because I just needed to know what happened next. I did predict early on, one of the twist but even at the reveal I was like YES!

Emiko is a 18 year old girl living in modern day New York City barely making rent. The money she is able to come by she makes by being a bounty hunter on Warcross. The game is so big worldwide that the police can’t keep up with all the illegal betting, so they put out bounties. Warcross is a virtual reality combat game created by young billionaire, Hideo Tanaka. This game is huge!! Everyone around the world is playing this game. Warcross is basically a really epic game of capture the flag,each team has five
players and the captain has this gem above his head that the other team has to retrieve to win the game.Each person on the team plays a different role, theirs also different power up to temporarily give the player an extra ability for a limited time.

“Everyone has a different way of escaping the dark stillness of their mind.” 

The world building in this book is magical,the descriptions of Tokyo and the game is what adds so much extra to the book. Emika glitches herself into the opening ceremonies of the game,which has never been done before. The next day she receives a phone call from the creator of the game, Hideo. He tells her he has a job offer for her and invites her to Tokyo.

Emika Chen: I really liked her as the narrator, she is really realistic. She makes mistakes and she is just very real.This girl isn’t your typical ya heroine, she has a criminal record because of an event that happened to her in the past.She is Chinese-American, with rainbow colored hair and tattoos.Working as a female bounty hunter and a hacker that takes down Warcross players illegally gambling on the game.She’s smart, resourceful, brave but most importantly, she doesn’t back down.

Hideo Tanaka: He is a twenty-one-year-old Japanese billionaire, he was born in Tokyo but raised in London. He’s incredibly intelligent, talented and the classic good looking, never-do-wrong kinda guy.

“They believe that objects have souls. The more love you put into one, the more beautiful it becomes.” 

There is so much diversity in this book! Asher the captain of the phoenix riders is a wheelchair, and there are two gay characters. Warcross was fast-paced and action-packed from beginning to end. Marie Lu has created such a cool world. I was really impressed by the creative plot and unique story. I highly recommend you read this book!

Have you read Warcross? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “WarCross by Marie Lu

  1. Terrific review for what sounds like an amazing read. Back in my computergame days, I used to really love capture the flag games …so this book being like an epic capture the flag certainly peaked my interest for it 😊😊

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