Fame,Fate and First Kiss by Kasie West


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ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

I cannot tell ya’ll how excited I was to be approved for this ARC. Kasie West is my favorite YA contemporary author. When your in the mood for a fun fluffy fast read, Kasie West will never disappoint. I like my books cheesy and cute and fluffy sometimes and this was just the perfect one.I fell in love with this book, Lucky in Love remains my favorite Kasie West book but this one is a close second.

Fame, Fate and First Kiss we follow Abby’s (From Love, Life and the List) best friend Lacey, who is an aspiring actress staring in her first movie.As Lacey works towards her dream she finds that it doesn’t  come so easy. Her director is disappointed with her lack of ability to create chemistry with her famous co-star. Her Dad is concerned about her schoolwork and is always getting on her about her homework, he hires a tutor that wont let her avoid her homework and someone is trying to ruin her reputation.

I love her character so much. She was funny, witty and just a ton of fun. I really liked the scenes where she was acting, her love for drama really shines when she is talking about the movie and her career, I love how in each of West’s books the female heroine is deeply passionate about something and is the driving force behind the character.

I love the relationship between Donavan and Lacey. I love how the relationship slowly becomes more. There banter is adorable, Donavan is so sweet. He is really different from Lacey he is a follow the rules kinda guy and she is wild and spontaneous. But there personalities make a good match.

The story also touches of family and friendship, trust and loyalty. This book will be released in February 2019. This was a really cute novel and a must read for fans of Kasie West.

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