Emmy’s 8 Month Old Baby Update


8 months old !! Where is my baby going , she’s hit some milestones this month and is learning so much ! Emmy like last month is still wearing size 3 diapers. She is also still wearing size 12-18 clothes. The pants are long on her but not as tight on her belly. She has really thinned out, I don’t know when this happened ! All her baby chub is gone off her belly and her face. She looks so much older now.

Something new she has been doing this month, when she gets really excited she snorts. Oh my God it is so cute!

When I tell her no, she will look back at me and reach for the object again and I have to take it away. Does she ever get mad, she will cry and yell until I give her a toy or something else to play with. She can be stubborn or determined haha depends on how you look at it.

She really enjoys being able to feed herself, we’ve given her avocado on toast,cut up steamed veggies, and these organic banana teething cookies. Lately with the purees, she shuts her mouth and turns her head away. So we’ve been trying to get her to self feed as much as possible.

The last few weeks she has been super snugly. She will lay her head down against my shoulder or my chest.  It’s honestly the sweetest thing.

She is crawling everywhere. She chases the cat’s down the halls, she doesn’t know how to be gentle with them. So they see her coming and they flee. She waved twice, a few days ago. She is able to pull herself up, she holds onto the coffee table and pulls herself up to standing. She hold onto other objects too the couch, and people’s legs. She is such a strong baby.

She still has no teeth and no words either. She is stringing together a lot of different babbles, its really cute.I have started trying to pump so I can have a small stash to go back to work. I’m only getting about 2-4 oz a day, which isn’t very much but she does breastfeed full time.

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