June Wrap up

Hello bookworms! Can you believe June is over? Where is the year going? I don’t normally post wrap up’s but I’m going to try and test it out this month and see how it goes. Let me know if you would like me to keep making them 🙂 Also I hope everyone has a Happy Canada Day tomorrow, and my American friends have a Happy 4th of July 🙂

So I didn’t buy any physical books this month but I did receive quite a few  e-arcs to review. I’m really excited for all these book’s and so happy to have been approved to read them. Also this month Emmy turned 6 Months old !! I have a baby update post all about it! Noah finished grade 6 and will be going into grade 7 in the fall.

E-ARCS I received: 
– The Last Time I Lied- Riley Sager( almost finished reading !)
– Drum Roll Please-Lisa Jenn Bigelo
-[Dis]Connected-Nakita Gill,Amanda Lovelace,Curys Parker,Sara Bond,Liam Ryan,Trista Mateer,RH Swaney,Yena Sharman Purmasir,Canista Lubrin,Iain S Thomas (Read)
-Cross Her Heart- Sarah Pinborough
-When The Lights go Out- Mary Kubica
-Shadow of the Fox-Julie Kagawa
-The Similars-Rebecca Hanover

I didn’t read that many books in June,for the first two weeks of the month I was having really bad headaches. But the book’s I did finish I also have reviews up
for them all.

Scream All Night  Review
One Dark Crown Review
[Dis]connected Review
Listen to your Heart Review

So because of the headaches I ended up watching a lot of Tv, thank God for Netflix.For years now my co-workers have been telling me to watch Wentworth and I’m not sure why I never did,because its an amazing show. I watched all the seasons that are currently out.This show is so crazy !! I also watched season 2 of Queer Eye. This show is so pure and beautiful. I wish I was friends with all these guys, and got to hang out with them everyday.

I’m really behind on watching movies,there harder to pay attention to with the baby. But I did manage to watch 2 this month.

-Love Simon 5 Stars
-The Disaster Artist 4 Stars
-Brain on fire 3.5 Stars

Also this month we got a couple movie trailers !!

Halloween  The Halloween Franchise is my absolute favorite movies ever ! I’m so excited!

Dumbo OMG a new Tim Burton movie !! The elephants are so cute, I can’t wait.

The Hate U Give The trailer caused me to shed a few tears, this movie is going to wreck me !!

Goodreads: Stephanie Gillespie

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