Emmy 5 Month Old Baby Update

Emmy 5 Month Baby Update

I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, I can’t believe it,she’s 5 months old already.This past month has been such a fun month. At her 4 month docotor’s
appointment she weighed 18.6 pounds .She is in the 97 percentile. She fits into 9 month clothing and Ive been putting her in some 12 month things here and there, it’s a little big but it seems less tight against her belly. She rolled over just before turning 4 month’s, she’s done it a few times since then but not that much. It seems like shes not sure how she did it, she gets up onto her side and she rocks back onto her belly.So I’ve been helping her rock side to side so she can get in some practice with the movements.

She got an exersaucer a few weeks ago and she loves it! We have to put a towel behind her back to give her some extra support. Its so funny watching her play with all
the different toys. Her hands eye coordination has become so much better, if she sees something she reaches out and grabs it.She is also very vocal, she will squeal
and yell. She is such a funny girl, I love seeing her smile.

She’s been going through a stormy period, some afternoons she can’t seem to settle herslef to be able to nap. I think she is teething,she has a runny nose and the last
few days her checks has been really red. She has been sleeping a lot this past week so hopefully the tooth breaks through soon.

I have found a daycare and paid the deposit, which is really nice. One less thing to stress about. It wasn’t my first choice but it is the one that has a spot available for November.

Lately when my mom or other people who she dosent see regularly she now cries and shyes away. I found a baby playgroup at the library where there is story time
and music. I was nervous to bring her because I wasn’t sure how she would react to new people and babies, but she did really well. She was the youngest baby in the group, she loved the music. The leader of the group blew some bubbles and Emmy was so amazed!

Also the doctor said we can start solids in a few week’s, and I’m making my own baby food. I started to make some of the starter foods this week: Sweet potato,
butternut squash,green beans,bananas,apples and pears. Its so much fun I can’t wait until shes ready to start trying these foods, I picked up some cereals from
the grocery store.

2 thoughts on “Emmy 5 Month Old Baby Update

  1. Emmy is adorable! I love that you have interspersed these updates with your book reviews. My 2nd daughter is due in five weeks so I may try and do the same thing. I hope I can find the time to keep up with bookish posts as well!

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