Green Room- Review

imagesGreen Room 2015

Directed by Jeremy Saulnier

Starring: Imogen Poots, Anton Yelchin, and Patrick Stewart.

I’ve wanted to watch this ever since word came out about it last year. Green Room’ more than lived up to the hype. Gruesome, intense, and just downright crazy. I can’t really figure out how to express how much I loved watching this film.

From the start of the movie it sets a tone, is a horror thriller about a punk band that is held captive at a skinhead venue after witnessing staff members commit a murder. The casting was phenomenal, was very sad to hear that Anton Yelchin passed away last month, he carried this movie. Surviving isn’t easy when your opponent’s got shotguns, revolvers, box knives and bulldogs. Some scenes were very graphic,but there wasn’t violence just being thrown around. I didn’t expect it to end the way it did.

The setting is absolutely awesome and contributes to the gloomy atmosphere. It accomplished everything it needed to perfectly. If your looking for an intense brutal thriller then definitely pick this one up, it dose not disappoint.

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