June Wrap Up

darkfever1.Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning ,Full Review here


2.The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
DNF 2.5 Stars
I am giving up around the halfway point,it just didn’t catch my attention enough to continue. Being a huge fan of Morgan Matson, I was really looking forward to this book. However, this book fell flat for me compared to Matson’s other novels. I was really disappointed that I didn’t like it. I did not like Andie, I didn’t like her personality and I couldn’t relate to her. She can get any guy she wants, is unrealistic, then she breaks up with them 3 weeks later before it becomes to serious. Andie comes off as in-mature and spoiled. What I did like :Strong female friendships! The dog’s were a nice touch, actually the character I cared most about was Bertie.


3.BloodFever by Karen Marie Moning

This is the second book in the Fever series.


4.Horimiya Vol 3 by HERO

If you guys ever want to read an extremely sweet and adorable romance manga, look up “Horimiya”
My absolute favorite thing about Horimiya is just how natural the relationship between Miyamura and Hori is. they’re a couple who acts exactly like one and they don’t have the typical (and sometimes annoying) problems/tropes. I have never really seen a relationship portrayed so well like that and it’s so nice. Their relationship is just so oddly cute but urhghhh the little gestures they do makes me so so happy. The manga doesn’t just focus on Hori and Miyamura alone, but their relationship with friends and family as well which in my opinion is perfect. The characters are well built and so real!! You can relate to them all in multiple occasions. Now we wait for volume 4 which isn’t out till July 😦


5.Outcast Vol 1 By Robert Kirkman

Kyle Barnes has a very dark history. Blamed for beating his wife and kid, Kyle more or less avoids the rest of the world. This first volume was a good introduction, but it left a lot of questions to be answered .Kyle is very intriguing and I can’t wait to see more of his backstory. I loved the story line, it was really interesting and it really leaves you wanting more .I think this is just brilliant and I have a feeling it will be incredible!


6.Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan- Full Review here


7.The Young Elites, Marie Lu- Full Review here


8.The Girl on the Train

I’ve been waiting to pick up this book for a long time, while at the cinema to see Me Before You, they played the movie trailer for The Girl on the Train and the next day I started reading. The Girl on the Train is an incredibly addictive thriller, urging you on throughout the book, to just read ‘one more page’.I also loved the fact that this was told in multiple POVs, especially when all the characters, at some point, were incredibly unlikeable – which I think was a big part of the whole story. I was wrong about the twist, so that made the ending interesting. The story is so psychologically twisted and so brilliant, Im glad I read it before seeing the movie.


The Young Elites Review

the-young-elitesThe Young Elites by Marie Lu
Series:The Young Elites
Publication date: October 07, 2014
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 355
Rating: 4 Stars

“I am tired of being used, hurt, and cast aside.

Adelina Amouteru is a survivor of the blood fever. A decade ago, the deadly illness swept through her nation. Most of the infected perished, while many of the children who survived were left with strange markings. Adelina’s black hair turned silver, her lashes went pale, and now she has only a jagged scar where her left eye once was. Her cruel father believes she is a malfetto, an abomination, ruining their family’s good name and standing in the way of their fortune. But some of the fever’s survivors are rumored to possess more than just scars—they are believed to have mysterious and powerful gifts, and though their identities remain secret, they have come to be called the Young Elites.

Teren Santoro works for the king. As Leader of the Inquisition Axis, it is his job to seek out the Young Elites, to destroy them before they destroy the nation. He believes the Young Elites to be dangerous and vengeful, but it’s Teren who may possess the darkest secret of all.

Enzo Valenciano is a member of the Dagger Society. This secret sect of Young Elites seeks out others like them before the Inquisition Axis can. But when the Daggers find Adelina, they discover someone with powers like they’ve never seen.

Adelina wants to believe Enzo is on her side, and that Teren is the true enemy. But the lives of these three will collide in unexpected ways, as each fights a very different and personal battle. But of one thing they are all certain: Adelina has abilities that shouldn’t belong in this world. A vengeful blackness in her heart. And a desire to destroy all who dare to cross her.”

My Thoughts

I love Marie’s writing style ,I adored her Legend trilogy.I wish I would have picked this up sooner.The plot was gripping, the world building was great it has a very Renaissance Italy feel to it, and the characters were well developed. The story was a little slow-going in the beginning but some of the plot twists in this caught me totally off guard. Especially the end,oh the tears!!.I never expected an ending like that. It is beautifully DARK. It could have been darker, but I’ve heard that it’s only going to get more dark and evil in the next book.

Adelina, is such a cool character, she is missing an eye and she is physically scarred . She is not the pure heroine of most YA books.She embraces the darkness as part of her. She craves it.. I completely loved Adelina and I sort of… clicked with her. She felt so real to me.

Teren is an interesting character. He reminds me of Warner from Shatter Me. He is so filled with self-loathing. Enzo was an extremely easy character to like. He is a great leader and loyal to his group and mission’s. He is sweet and the romance was not overwhelming.I liked Raffaele, because of his platonic friendship with Adelina, because he is a courtesan and he’s not ashamed he owns it. He is deeply loyal to Enzo. I didn’t like Violetta, I just don’t get a good feeling from her.

That final chapter left me intrigued. I’m really curious to know more about Maeve, and I hope she does what I want. The Young Elites was a gritty story. It doesn’t hold back .It was just amazing!! I mean it blew me away!!! I need to get my hands on the next book !!


Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Review

neighbors-2Genre: Comedy
Release Date: May 20,2016
Runtime: 1h. 32 mins
MPAA Rating: R
Rating: 4.5 Stars

After the events of the 2014 film, Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) are expecting another child and trying to sell their house, getting an offer and having to wait for a 30-day escrow period to pass before the sale can be finalized. Meanwhile, Shelby (Chloë Grace Moretz) and fellow college freshmen are joining a sorority, only to learn that only fraternities can party. So they rent the house next door to Mac and Kelly.

This movie was absolutely hilarious!! Don’t listen to all the haters. I couldn’t stop laughing during the whole movie. Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne all return, to their starring roles; and they’re joined this time by Chloe Grace Moretz (in the new antagonistic neighbor role). My god I love Zac Efron, he is so amazing as Teddy! Teddy is in a very sad place in this one and you often feel for him as much as you laugh at him. Whenever Rogen and Efron are on screen together, I was dying. I could’ve watched Rogen teaching Efron how to make hard-boiled eggs for an entire film. Efron steals this film, to a point that Rogen and Byrne at times almost feel secondary to this story.

The first Neighbors was funnier overall, the movie is worth a watch if you have any interest. I don’t know what a third movie would be about, but I’d be down.

Brain on Fire Review

13547180Goodreads Synopsis

“An award-winning memoir and instant New York Timesbestseller that goes far beyond its riveting medical mystery,Brain on Fire is the powerful account of one woman’s struggle to recapture her identity.

When twenty-four-year-old Susannah Cahalan woke up alone in a hospital room, strapped to her bed and unable to move or speak, she had no memory of how she’d gotten there. Days earlier, she had been on the threshold of a new, adult life: at the beginning of her first serious relationship and a promising career at a major New York newspaper. Now she was labeled violent, psychotic, a flight risk. What happened?

In a swift and breathtaking narrative, Cahalan tells the astonishing true story of her descent into madness, her family’s inspiring faith in her, and the lifesaving diagnosis that nearly didn’t happen. “

My Thoughts

Susannah Cahalan, discusses her personal memories along with her interviews with family, friends, and medical professionals about her illness. Susannah’s illness started with an illusion of bed bugs being in her home. Seeing bugs that are not really there is a sign of pshychosis. .She starts having episodes of paranoia, and mood swings. Anti-NMDA-receptor autoimmune encephalitis looks like mental illness.

I loved all the medical jargon throughout the book , as I work in the medical field. It was interesting to learn about this illness as I’ve never heard of it before. This book is almost like a mystery, the doctors trying to find clues to piece together what is happening to this girl. There is still so much we don’t know about the brain. It’s a great read and so informative.

I listened to this as an audiobook, which was a great way to experience this book . I don’t often , I mean like ever read non-fiction but this memoir was so emotional and scary. The author does a remarkable job about being open and honest She goes through test after tests and the doctor’s still couldn’t figure out what was causing the illness. Definitely read this if you’re looking for a great non-fiction book .Also being made into a 2016 film starring actress Chloe Moretz.


Star wars Book Tag


What is this? Another tag ? This amazing tag was created by Elizabeth you can check out her channel  here and Joana you can also see her channel here. I want to warn you that there might be possible spoilers to a variety of series.

1) R2-D2 : A book that made you laugh out loud? The Lux Series, Jennnifer L Armentrout,I loved this series so much !! Daemon is so snarky.

2) Padme Amidala : Kickbutt female character?  Celaena – Throne of Glass, a badass assassin. Don’t want to give anything away but Celaena proves herself time and time again throughout the series. I love her so much !!

3) Leia Organa : Best or worst love triangle? The Prince,Lia,The Assasin, The Kiss of deception I love theses three, I ship Lia with both the guys. That never happens.

4) Luke Skywalker : Rising star author, a new author you’ve discovered and absolutely love? A new author I’ve discovered this year is Sarah Fine, I read Impostor Queen this winter and I loved it.

5) Anakin Skywalker : A book or series that started out well and then became bad? I wouldn’t say it was bad but as the series went on I found Vampire Academy got boring in the last two books.

6) Qui-Gon Jinn : Worst character death? Finnick, The Hunger Games. My soul will never get over this!

7) Han Solo : A book with a lot of sass? Shatter me ( Aaron Warner) Oh gosh!!! He’s a bad boy, a trained soldier,comes off as an asshole,but he has so many feelings for Juliette ❤

8) Emperor Palpatine- Best world building? A Court of Mist and Fury, Sarah J Maas-The Night Court ,Sarah’s words are beautiful the way she describes the night court I could picture it perfectly. Its breathtaking, dark beautiful surrounded by stars.

9) Ben Kenobi/Obi-Wan Kenobi – A book you went in with low expectations and that blew you away?Red Queen- Victoria Ayvyard, I head so many people say negative things but a handful or people rave about it. I was hesitant going in because of all the hype, I read it just before Glass Sword came out and omg ! I loved it. It’s worth all the hype.

10) Yoda – A book that taught you something or that made you grow? I can’t think of an answer for this one,so I’m just gonna say Harry Potter. As a child it taught me to have hope to keep on going even when things are bad.

11) Darth Vader – Favorite villain? Its a tie between ,The Darkling, The Grisha Trilogy. He’s my favorite. He’s such an amazingly complex and compelling villain. Maven Calore- Red Queen, I know he’s done phychotic things, and I hate his actions. But I still have hope he’s not that evil.

Personal Update

orange-is-the-new-blackHey guys !! Sorry I haven’t posted much this week, I was overwhelmed with Orange is the New Black  season 4 and I just had to watch it all before the internet spoiled it. This season it hurt my soul. So many feels I can’t handle them. I seriously cried, it was too much. I love that it gave Maritza a back story ❤  I’ve also been watching Scandal, about halfway through season 4. Did anyone of you watch Game of thrones this week? OMG!! ❤ Sansa ❤

As for reading I’m listening to Brain on fire on audiobook and have 25% left I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow. I also picked up The Young Elites, and only 50 pages in.  My son will be done school on Friday, finishing grade 4 🙂

Hopefully get more reading done this week.Been working on a few reviews and hoping to get them posted on here soon. Let me know what you’ve all been up to? Or if you wanna chat about the book or tv shows 🙂

A Court Of Mist and Fury

17927395Title: A Court Of Mist and Fury
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses Trilogy
Release Date: May 2016
Rating: 5 Stars !!
Genre: High-Fantasy

Warning: Contains some minor spoilers (sorry, I couldn’t help it!).

This is the second book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, and let me tell you this book did not have the second book slump that most second books have. I love this book!!! I can’t deal with all my feelings, my thoughts are all over the place. I was blown away, how am I going to survive until the next book. I’ll just be over here crying about my babies. Was even better than the first one. This might be my favorite fantasy book of all time. The world building was truly phenomenal, I loved getting to see the different courts and I hope before the series is finished we will have seen all the courts.(Especially Autumn !! I hope its crimson and orange, with a Halloween feel )

I really glad that Sarah portrayed Feyre having PTSD in a realistic way. That showed the emotional and physical trauma. Feyre needed time to heal and become more comfortable with her new body as a Fae and her powers. She doesn’t know what powers she has or what they can do. It was interesting seeing how she managed to control the powers as she discovered them.

In the last book A Court of Thorns and Roses I liked Rhys from the very beginning when he saves her from those two fae at Fire Night ,I loved him. Team Rhysand trash forever. Ryhs is BAE!! In this book you learn more about his back story and what he had to go through to protect his cities and the people he loves. He is a shameless flirt, the banter between Rhysand and Feyre had me laughing out loud.

“You are good, Rhys. You are kind. This mask does not scare me. I see you beneath it.”

Tamlin: His character shift seemed to happen really quick but looking back he was always over protective and only thinking about himself and not about her. He didn’t want Feyre to learn her powers, he was scared of others finding out what she was and what that would mean to his court.

Feyre and Rhys relationship was slowly developed and didn’t rush into anything. They build a trusting friendship first. It wasn’t all about the romance Rhys genuinely cared about Feyre health and well-being. He gave her space to cope with who she is now after the events of under the mountain. He gave her the tools she needed to re discover herself and make her own decisions. Feyre and Rhys mate bond was awesome, how they could communicate with each other through their minds.

The new characters are awesome and that there not just there to help the plot, they each have their own personalities and backstories. Rhys inner circle, I love how they just accepted Feyre. Cassian, he was the playful one but when he needed to be serious he was down for business. I love Amren!She is so awesome.

And the ending oh my god ! When the king had made a bargain with Tamlin, I’ve never wanted to punch someone so much. Feyre’s sisters were turned fae, holy crap ! Then the youngest sister was mated with Lucien, like what? So many things happened near the end, Feyre becoming the High Lady of the night court, freaking awesome there not just married there equal in every way. But she has to pretend that the bond is broken and go back to the spring court with Tamlin. Just so many things I could keep writing about it forever!!

This book is honestly a masterpiece. I can’t wait for the third book because it will be crazy. I need the third book now, I need my High Lord and High Lady. I need more books from Sarah J Maas. The pov switch to Rhysand at the end was too much, I will be an emotional mess at the end of the third book.It’s been almost a month since I’ve read this beautiful book and I’m still not over it. I just loved it so much !!


Couples Tag Game

Name 5 different OTPs from different Fandoms:

  1. Feyre and Rhysand – A Court of Thorns and Roses
  2. Aelin/Celaena and Dorian – Throne of Glass
  3. Gansey and Blue- The Raven Cycle
  4. Kestrel and Arin -The Winner’s Trilogy
  5. Alina and The Darkling- The Grisha Trilogy

There were so many others that I wish I could have put in, but there we are.

Alec and Magnus – The Mortal Instruments,Aelin and Rowan- Throne of Glass, Katniss and Peeta- The Hunger Games, Adam and Ronan -The Raven Cycle, Juliet and Warner- The Shatter Me Trilogy,Cinder and Kai- The Lunar Chronicles

I tag:  chicnerdread  thebookishagenda  And Anyone else who would like to do the tag !

Intimidating TBR Tag

Hey ! This tag has been going around Booktube for a while now and TBR pile is huge and full of intimidating books.So many books, so little time.

1) What book have you been unable to finish?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon,I put a fairly good-sized dent in it before but I just stopped one day and never picked it back up. I do want to finish it though.

2)What book have you yet to read because…you just haven’t had the time?

A Song of Ice and Fire Series, I actually started to listen to an audiobook 🙂

3) …it’s a sequel?

Liar of Dreams by Libba Bray,I loved the Diviners so much, but Lair of Dreams is a huge book, and theres to many other books I’m more interested in at the moment.

4) …it’s brand new?

Gonna go with Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare,I am currently making my way through The Mortal Instruments, I’m on the City of Fallen Angels.

5) …you read a book by the same author and didn’t enjoy it?

Scott Westerfeld, I read Uglies it was torture to read. The writing. I just didn’t like it.

6) …you’re just not in the mood for it?

An Ember in the ashes by Sabbah Tahir, The hype around this book was crazy last summer, there’s just been so many good releases that have come out lately that I’m not in the mood to pick it up. So I’m waiting for the right time because I hope I will enjoy reading it.

7) …it’s humongous?

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss,I really want to read this book, But it’s so big and there is no release date for the third book yet. I just got a paperback copy at a used book sale, I hated the mass paperback.

8) …because it was a cover buy that turned out to have poor reviews?

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover,

9) What is the most intimidating book in your TBR pile?

Outlander, there all so huge !!  Everyone loves this book series. I’ve watched the tv series, and I think that’s my problem with getting through the first book.

I tag anyone who wants to do it. Please like and comment I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

DarkFever by Karen Marie Moning

darkfeverDarkfever by Karen Marie Moning
Series:Fever #1
Publication date: October 31, 2006
Genres: RomanceUrban Fantasy
Pages: 382

WARNING: It has some adult content!!

Synopsis: When her sister is murdered, leaving a single clue to her death—a cryptic message on MacKayla Lane’s cell phone–Mac journeys to Ireland in search of answers. The quest to find her sister’s killer draws her into a shadowy realm where nothing is as it seems, where good and evil wear the same treacherously seductive mask. She is soon faced with an even greater challenge: staying alive long enough to learn how to handle a power she had no idea she possessed—a gift that allows her to see beyond the world of man, into the dangerous realm of the Fae.


My Thoughts:

After hearing a lot of awesomeness about this novel, I was really excited to finally pick this up. I really liked everything about this book. I loved how the book was set in Ireland. I’ve always wanted to see the country and the backdrop of the city has made me want to visit even more.

Moning’s strength is the world-building. I have a feeling we’re not done learning about the world of the Fae yet.I’ve read other book’s about Fae but Moning has her own unique take on them. The Fae use a glamour that makes them appear beautiful but beyond the glamour they are ugly nasty creatures.

I was really surprised by how much I liked the protagonist, Mac. She might be incredibly girly and fluffy and love pink,but she is also sarcastic and witty. And V’Lane, not much has happened with him, other than strange sexual scenes. He is a Seelie prince, not sure if he’s trying to help Mac or trick her. I hope in the next book we will see more of him. 

Jericho Barrons is a wonderful character as well and can’t wait for more details on him. Jericho keeps secrets so there is a lot of tension between him and Mac. This book will have you going crazy asking “What IS Barrons? He is one of the main reasons I want to read the next book, I have to know more! I can’t wait to read the rest of this series!

Overall, this was a great start to what I believe is an amazing series. I started reading the next book Bloodfever, right away!